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Birth Preparation

"James was very professional and caring in his approach to treatment. I started my acupuncture sessions originally for back pain and then went on to birth preparation. I  would recommend it to anyone." 

"Thanks for all your help Charles was born two days after his due date…"

"James gave me birth preparation which I found to calm me down and relax me. My friends always knew when I had my acupuncture sessions. I used the ear seeds in labour and Clive used the points you showed him….. "

"Hey James he was on time just about. Both of us would like to thank you for the patience and time you took to explain about my treatments and everything. The birth was hard work but your massage tips helped me a lot. "
"I was a bit sceptical at first but i’d definitely recommend it to anyone who may weary about alternative medicine"


Post due date treatment

"….During the treatment I felt a lot of movement and heaviness. I’ve had acupuncture throughout the years but this session was quite different. I had a sweep the day before but nothing happened but after the acupuncture I could feel that It was on its way. A day and a half later we had Lola. Thanks for your help"

"I found that after the acupuncture I needed to sleep for hours and  that night my labour started"

"I had 3 post-due date treatments with James . James spent extra time with me on the last session and I found his approach to be very caring. I started contractions the next day after my last session ! "


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